Mundus Viridis

Who we are

We are Mundus Viridis, or Green World and wood is our passion, our calling and our life.
We are a family owned business that champions quality, dedication to detail and sustainability.
We are an ideal partner to companies that strive for excellence and value quality over quantity.
We are an export-oriented company with 90% of our production going to EU and China.

What we do

In short, we turn top quality Croatian wood into everything from premium pellets to heart crafted pieces of exclusive furniture.

Wood processing, production of solid laminated panels, sawn timber, pellets and briquettes, solid wood furniture and custom-made furnishing solutions - these are all areas we consider ourselves world class experts.
We do it all on a smaller scale, but with consistently high level of quality.

How we do it

We like to think of ourselves as „boutique“ wood company, dedicating our time and energy to creating unique products and experiences to everyone who does business with us.