Who we are

We are Mundus Viridis, or Green World and wood is our passion, our calling and our life.
We are a family owned business that champions quality, dedication to detail and sustainability.
We are an ideal partner to companies that strive for excellence and value quality over quantity.
We are an export-oriented company with 90% of our production going to EU and China.

Where we come from

Our home is Croatia, beautiful little country firmly hugging the Adriatic Sea and stretching back over mountainous Dinaridi region to the fertile plains of Slavonia. A must see mix of ancient cultures, delicious food and friendly, hospitable people.

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And what's most important for our story – blanketed with lush, healthy forests.
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Around 50% of Croatia is forested and virtually all wooded areas are under sustainable forest management, and have been for the last 250 years. Almost 95% of these forests are wild grown, honoring the idea of letting nature take its course.

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There are 418 million cubic meters of wood stocks and an annual increment of 10,1 mil. m3. About 85% of the increment is used in wood industry and 15% is added to the wood stocks, assuring the future of sustainable management.

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This long tradition of taking great care of the forests has resulted with an abundance of first-class timber. Croatian beech and oak are worldly renowned and appreciated for their quality. They are also the most numerous species in our forests and most commonly used in the wood industry.

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So, there are healthy forests, strong legacy of woodworking and a bright future ahead. We consider it a privilege to work in such an inspiring environment. It allows us to pursue our passion, creating ever better, more innovative products as a one of a kind, boutique wood company.